Sunday, July 27, 2008

PBKids= Perfectly Branded to Moms (and Kids)

Just got the new Pottery Barn Kids catalog in the mail. All I have to say is... wow, good job. The photography, art direction and copy is excellent. I wanted to buy everything. Why? The colors are vibrant and fun, the designs embody just the right mix of classic-meets-kid-friendly, the quality appears to be high, and, perhaps most importantly--as a parent, the brand appeals to me on a emotional, subconcious level. After a long day, I found it soothing to sit down, relax and peruse the catalog in a dreamlike state, much as I would a travel magazine. What if my child's room looked like this? Or what about this? Oh, wait, how cute, look at this. Seeing pictures of perfectly groomed children doing homework on perfectly painted desks--color coordinated with their room decor-- only served to enhance my fantasy. If only I had some Pottery Barn Kids furniture, my life would be more perfect, my kids would certainly be more perfect and of course my home would be clutter free!

This is the power of a strong brand - the ability to tap into emotional issues (or in my case, neurotic tendencies to be a "perfect parent") and connect on a deeper level. And I'm not the only one who found the catalog appealing by the way. My daughter came up to me while I was on the couch and said "Hey, what is that? I want some things out of that catalog!" She went to the kitchen, grabbed a felt-tipped marker and proceeded to flip through the pages, circling everything she wanted. I asked her what it was about the brand that she liked so much and she just shrugged. "I don't know mommy, I just do."

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Autumn said...

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