Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kids Online Safety Resources

This past Friday a group of kids industry experts got together for a monthly conference call. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend, but I did think that the follow up lists of internet safety resources was really worth sharing. Here goes:

From Melissa at kids online playground

NetSmartz - - offers Internet safety videos, presentations, activity cards and lesson plans, including cyberbullying "real-life stories"

Adina's Deck - - videos and worksheets on cyberbullying; you can also book an assembly with the cast and crew

iSafe - - training curriculum on Internet safety, including cyberbullying; also offers iMentor program for students to educate their peers on the topic

Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use (CSRIU) - - tips for parents and educators, including worksheets for students - - primarily research on cyberbullying; also includes some activities to engage youth in discussions about the topic

Digizen - - UK-based organization offering classroom resources, including a cyberbullying film, teacher's guide and lesson plan

From Amy at Shaping Youth:

I'd add the Ad Council/Nat'l Crime Prevention PSAs which are good teaching tools on cyberbullying prevention and imposter profiling:
From a 16-yr. old boy's firstperson experience: this fellow in Australia had much to say:

And on the Megan Meier/Lori Drew MySpace mom indictment: Andy Carvin (pbs teachers) wrote a good post bringing up 'terms of service' issues here:

Finally, here are a few of my own "link-laden" posts to cyberbullying resources/prevention/info, including the Harris Interactive poll/pdf, stats, to add to Melissa's starter list! and

p.s. Of course, for real-time forums/w/pragmatic peeks at kids' foibles: Anne Collier's ConnectSafely is always insightful/pragmatic (but she's on this list so that's a given) and her NetFamily News is a must read...For tween books/fiction novels on the subject (informal experiential learning akin to Adina's Deck) here's a recent book out too:

From Dave at G2 Strategic Services:

The following link contains very relevant content for parents.

We also just launched a new community site that she/he can join.

Feel free to share any more links you may have.


Derek said...

here are some other good resources on web safety for parents/teachers/kids:

Yahoo! Safely

Media Awareness Network

Chris Webster said...

At teenagers go on an interactive journey through a detective's office to learn more about cyberbullying and internet safety.

If you're short of time, check out the tips page at - quick tips of using your mobile phone and the internet safely.


Anonymous said...


We definitely need to catch up sometime. It looks like you're doing interesting work in youth media.

Did you ever meet Izzy Neis (previously at Star Farm)? Her blog is a great resource for kids online safety, and kids media in general.

whiteshark0121 said...

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