Friday, January 23, 2009

Not so fast: new teen research indicates well, more of the same

Today, MarketingVOX summarized the recently released Simmons Teen Study and found that teens are spending money on the same type of products that they did in the 1990s: music, clothes, video games and electronics. Couldn't this also ring true for say, the 1980s and 1970s as well? (okay, maybe not the video game part and certainly not mobile or online communications) but my point is this: for all of the talk about how kids and teens are "growing up faster than ever before" and the "world is such a different place"-- when you look at the research, their lives aren't all that different. Music. Clothes. Games. Communication. Pretty simple, really.

Marketers trying to reach kids and teens should most certainly stay relevant, get up to speed on the latest technologies and understand how trends in consumer behavior will impact their brands. Just don't go reinventing the wheel.

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